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Moving out of home for the first time?

21 Jul 2015 murraybridge 0 Comment

Moving out of home for the first time

Moving out of home is usually a very exciting and busy time. Whether you have leased or purchased a home, you are taking your first steps into the property market. From the paperwork to the packing, there is so much to be done that sometimes little things can be overlooked. We have compiled a list of moving necessities, which can hopefully help ease the process for you.

–        Organise. Whether you are buying or renting, there is going to be quite a bit of paperwork to sign, and you need to make sure that you keep copies of everything in case you need it in the future. Buy a filing folder and keep it all in a safe place so that it is easy to access if you ever need to refer to it.

–        Insure. If you have purchased your own home, you need to have insurance on the property from the day that you sign the contract. If the property is damaged from that date, it could very well be your responsibility to cover the cost of repairs. In the case of renting, it is up to you to take out insurance on your contents. The building, however, will be insured by your landlord. Do some research online to compare insurance companies, or pop in to see your local insurance broker.

–        Connect.  Whether you are purchasing or renting, you will need to have the electricity connected in your name. Do some research on the different providers available, and ask your family & friends who they are connected with and if they are happy with their service. Also, make sure you check whether there is gas hot water, cooking, or heating at your new home. If there is, you will need to contact your agent or landlord and ask whether it is plumbed gas, or if you will need to organise gas cylinders.

–        Budget. Make a list of all of the necessities for your new home. Obviously depending on budgets, everyone’s lists are going to be different. Don’t stress if you can’t afford the best of the best to begin with, start with the basics. Prioritise between what you need and what you want. Then, work out how much your outgoings are going to be per week or fortnight (it is easier to line it up with your wage frequency). Be sure to round all of your outgoing costs up to give you some room to breathe. Having a budget will help you feel in control of your money, and minimise the stress involved in having your own home.

–        Ask. If there is anything that you are unsure about in the buying or renting process, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Agents and landlords are more than happy to help, and they will have the answers you need. Also, be sure to speak up and ask family or friends for a hand with moving or packing. If the home needs cleaning or maintenance, try to organise a working bee – many hands make light work!

If you are looking to rent or buy your first home, contact us on (08) 8532 6666 or email murraybridge@saprofessionals.com.au.

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