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Our top tips for your next routine inspection

10 Apr 2015 murraybridge 0 Comment


Many tenants can find routine inspections daunting and look at them in a negative light. This should be the opposite; routine inspections are for the owners benefit as well as the tenants. They allow us as agents to not only inspect the cleanliness of the property, but also to check that everything is working and that the tenant is happy with the condition of the property. We have collected a few tips which we hope will ease the jitters of preparing for a routine inspection.

  1.  Don’t rush. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to complete all jobs on your checklist – leaving everything until the day before will only put more stress on yourself and make it more likely that you miss something.
  2.  Get that shower sparkling! In the bathroom we recommend using White King Power Gel. Squeeze the gel all over your grout and silicone and let it soak. Then, go back and scrub with hot water, and rinse well.  Finish with Windex and paper towel, and voila! Your shower will be like new. Note: Make sure you wear gloves as some of these chemicals can be harsh on your skin, and work in a well ventilated area.
  3.  Check your carpets. All carpets in the property will need to be vacuumed & clean, however it is also important to do a quick check for any stains that might have popped up. If you do find any stains, feel free to try a stain remover, however some stains are stubborn and you may need to call a professional carpet cleaner. Note: We recommend Murraylands Carpet Cleaning – phone: 0427 326 765.
  4.  Don’t forget the little things! Often tenants are so busy overseeing the obvious cleaning that they forget about the smaller jobs. Don’t forget to wipe your exhaust fans, clean your range hood, and if you have an air-con, clean the filter. Also, check your walls & windows for any grubby marks (often left by the lovable little members of the household!)
  5.  Channel your inner green finger! On the weekend before your inspection, spend an afternoon outside in the yard making sure it is presentable. Your green duties should include mowing the lawns, getting rid of any weeds, sweeping the paths, and removing any rubbish. Of course, if you run out of time there is the option of getting a gardener in. Note: We recommend Gardens Plus Property Care – phone: 0407 606 149.
  6.  Leave a note with any maintenance requests. If you think of anything that needs to be brought to our attention, write them down and on the day of your inspection, leave it on the kitchen counter top with any questions or maintenance requests that you might have for your property. We will collect it and organise the necessary tradespeople. If you don’t hear from anyone regarding your note within seven days, please contact us and let us know.

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