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Who is the typical tenant?

30 Jul 2013 murraybridge 0 Comment


According to 2013 Tenants and Sharers Consumer Insights Survey by Realestate.com, it’s most likely to be a female, aged between 35 and 49, earning an income in excess of $50,000, looking for properties that rent at more than $300 per week. 

So where are all the men? Well… according to the report, if they’re from a high-income family, then it’s likely that they are still living in the family home with their parents! (We can hear women around South Australia saying, “haha, we told you so!”)

Census data confirms the trend that people are leaving home later in life. Only 17% of all those looking to rent are aged under 25. It begs the question, why? A generation ago, teenagers couldn’t wait to leave their parents’ home and venture out into the world. Cost of living plays a part here, no doubt. Rents have increased, as have property prices, when compared with decades ago. Perhaps young people are studying longer, or more are studying now, and so need the financial support that living at home brings? Possibly parental attitudes have changed too, as there was a time when getting the kids out of home could be ticked as a parental achievement, ‘job done!’ 

What do you think? Are there reasons why women aged 35-49 are at the top of the rental pool? We’d love to hear from you.

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